Publications from IPLab

This is a list of publications from the Interaction and Presentation Laboratory at KTH 1985-2005.

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IPLab - 283
Cristian Bogdan, A ‘Paglian’ Interpretation of Hacking and Other Amateur Practice. Technical report TRITA-NA-, NADA, November 2003.

IPLab - 282
Cristian Bogdan, Daniel Pargman, Neither Young, nor Dead: Sustainability of Internet Communities. In Proceedings of AOIR 2004, September 2004.

IPLab - 281
Cristian Bogdan, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, FingerPrint: supporting social awareness in a translucent sensor- mediated cue-based environment. In Proceedings of of CHI’04 Human Factors In Computing Systems (late-breaking results), 1263-1266, ACM Press, May 2004.

IPLab - 280
Daniel Pargman, Cristian Bogdan, Tensions in Commercial Virtual Communities. In Proceedings of Digital Communities, September 2003.

IPLab - 279
Cristian Bogdan, Daniel Pargman, Sustainability of Virtual Communities. In Proceedings of Digital Communities, September 2003.

IPLab - 278
Cristian Bogdan, Tessy Cerratto, Reconsidering support for the members of specialized online communities. In Proceedings of the 34th Congress of the Nordic Ergonomics Society, Linköpings Universitet, September 2002.

IPLab - 277
Cristian Bogdan, Tailorability as Practice: A Study of Software Shaping in an Organization. In Proceedings of IHM-HCI Lille 2001, 2, September 2001.

IPLab - 276
Jin Moen (formerly Kjölberg), Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Supporting object handling and hand over tasks in haptic collaborative virtual environments. In S. Wall, B. Riedel, A. Crossan and M.R. McGee, Proceedings of Eurohaptics´02, 71-76, May 2002.

IPLab - 275
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Support for the touch modality in collaborative distributed environments. In Proceedings of SSOMC´99, May 1999.

IPLab - 274
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Improved precision in mediated collaborative manipulation of objects by haptic force feedback. In G. Goos, J. Hartmanis and J. van Leeuwen (Series Eds.) and S. Brewster and R. Murray-Smith (Vol. Eds.) Haptic Human-Computer Interaction, 2058, 69-75, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, January 2001.

IPLab - 273
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Collaboration in multimodal virtual worlds: Comparing touch, text, voice and video. In Social Life of Avatars. Schroeder, R., 172-187, Springer-Verlag, London, January 2002.

IPLab - 272
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Shumin Zhai, Collaboration meets Fitts' law: Passing virtual objects with and without haptic force feedback. In M. Rauterberg, M. Menozzi & J. Wesson, Proceedings of INTERACT´03, 97-104, IOS Press, Amsterdam, September 2003.

IPLab - 271
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Rassmus-Gröhn, K., & Sjöström, C. Supporting presence in collaborative environments by haptic force feedback ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 7(4), September 2000. 461-476.

IPLab - 270
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Effects of communication mode on social presence, presence and performance in collaborative virtual environments Journal of Presence: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, 14(4), August 2005. 434-449.

IPLab - 269
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, The effect of modality on social presence, presence and performance in collaborative virtual environments. Doctoral thesis, TRITA-NA-0404, Royal Institute of Technology, March 2004.

IPLab - 268
Chiara Rossitto, On feedback during the writing process within the course “Communication for engineers”. Technical report NADA, March 2005.

IPLab - 267
Anders Green, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Designing for learnability in human–robot communication. IEEE transactions on industrial electronics, 50(4), August 2003. 644–650.

IPLab - 266
Anders Green, Helge Hüttenrauch, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Applying the Wizard-of-Oz framework to cooperative service discovery and configuration. In Proceedings of the 13th IEEE international workshop on robot and human interactive communication (RoMan2004), Kurashiki, Japan, 575–580, September 2004.

IPLab - 265
Amelie Hössjer (formerly Oestreicher), Externa brev och intern vardagskommunikation. Technical report NADA, March 2006.

IPLab - 264
Cristian Bogdan, Chiara Rossitto, Maria Normark, Pedro Adler Jorge, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, On a mission without a home base: conceptualizing nomadicity in student group work. Technical report NADA, March 2006.

IPLab - 263
Per-Anders Forstorp, Retorik och tsunami (2): Representing ‘the Other’ in tsunami fundraising discourse. A levinasian interpretation. Technical report NADA, October 2005.

IPLab - 262
Per-Anders Forstorp, Retorik och tsunami (1): »Den kungliga vanligheten» i talet vid tsunamikatastrofen – en nyordning i den kommunikativa monarkin?. Technical report NADA, September 2005.

IPLab - 261
Pedro Adler Jorge, Looking for inspiration: a technology review for nomadic support. Technical report NADA, October 2005.

IPLab - 260
Helge Hüttenrauch, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Anders Green, Elin Anna Topp, Investigating spatial relationships in human-robot interactions. Technical report NADA, December 2005.

IPLab - 257
Per-Anders Forstorp, Vanlighetens politik: sökandet efter det jordnära tilltalet. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0512, NADA, November 2005.

IPLab - 256
Henrik Artman, A procurement approach to user involvement in e-Government. In Fölstad, A., Krogstie, J., Oppermann, R., Svanaes, D., Proceedings from workshop on User Involvement in e-Government development projects, 57-62, September 2005. (Note: ISBN 82-14-03807-3)

IPLab - 255
Elina Eriksson, Olle Bälter, Olov Engwall, Anne-Marie Öster, Hedvig Kjellström (formerly Sidenbladh), Design recommendations for a computer-based speech training system based on end-user interviews. In Proceedings of International Conference on Speech and Computer, 483-486, November 2005.

IPLab - 254
Olle Bälter, Olov Engwall, Anne-Marie Öster, Hedvig Kjellström (formerly Sidenbladh), Wizard-of-Oz test of ARTUR - a computer-based speech training system with articulation correction. In Proceedings of International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility, 36-43, September 2005.

IPLab - 253
Helge Hüttenrauch, Anders Green, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Report on user study on the role of posture and positioning in HRI. Technical report NADA, January 2005.

IPLab - 252
Maria Normark, Cristian Bogdan, Pedro Adler Jorge, Chiara Rossitto, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, The UCPD study: On nomadic coordination and technology use in student projects. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0509, NADA, August 2005.

IPLab - 251
Ann Lantz, Henrik Artman, Interaction design as experienced by practitioners. In Proceedings of In the Making, NORDIC DESIGN RESEARCH CONFERENCE,, January 2005. (Note: Ann Lantz, Henrik Artman, and Robert Ramberg)

IPLab - 250
Ann Lantz, Per-Anders Forstorp, Role expectations and relationships in co-operative design projects. Technical report NADA, January 2005. (Note: Ann Lantz, Minna Räsänen, Per-Anders Forstorp)

IPLab - 249
Anna Swartling, Henrik Artman, Förstudie om FMV:s roll i försvarets beställningsprocess. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0505, NADA, February 2005. (Note: Authors: Anna Swartling, Ulrika Dovhammar, Mattias Arvola, Henrik Artman)

IPLab - 248
Anna Swartling, Jan Gulliksen, Henrik Artman, Genomlysning av Skatteverkets Verksamhets- och IT-strategi. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0504, NADA, February 2004. (Note: Authors: Jenny Persson, Anna Stockhaus, Jan Gulliksen, Henrik Artman)

IPLab - 247
Ann Fatton, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Informing the design of a page-based writing tool through longitudinal and naturalistic case studies. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0503, NADA, May 2005.

IPLab - 246
Ann Lantz, Tessy Cerratto, Can the genre perspective help designers envision how videoconference systems are actually used?. In H. M. Khalid, M. Helander, A. W. Yeo, Proceedings of WWCS’04, Damai Sciences, June 2004.

IPLab - 245
Ann Lantz, Tessy Cerratto, Would you accept being disturbed eleven times during a one hour meeting?. In Guozhong Dai, Proceedings of APCHI'02, 1, 117–127, Science Press, Beijing, China, November 2002.

IPLab - 244
Tessy Cerratto, Ann Lantz, The role of “genre” in the analysis of the use of videoconference systems in working environments. In Proceedings of NordiCHI'02, Århus, Denmark, October 2002.

IPLab - 233
Olle Bälter, Email Novices' Changes in Information Flow Over a Four-Year Period: From Centralized Information Filtering to Internal Spamming. In Proceedings of of IADIS International e-Commerce 2004 Conference, Lisbon, Portugal., 369–376, IADIS, January 2004.

IPLab - 232
Henrik Artman, Exploration of methodological issues in micro-world research – experiences from research in team decision making. Technical report TRITA-NA-, NADA, January 2001. (Note: R. Granlund, B. Johansson, M. Persson, H. Artman, P. Mattson)

IPLab - 231
Henrik Artman, Procuring usable systems: Key issues for systems development. Technical report TRITA-NA-, NADA, January 2004. (Note: S. Holmlid)

IPLab - 230
Henrik Artman, Shared Objectives. Technical report TRITA-NA-, NADA, January 2004. (Note: H. Holmlid, E. Markensten)

IPLab - 229
Henrik Artman, Team Situation Awareness as Communicative Practice. In S. Banbury and S. Tremblay (Eds.), A Cognitive Approach to Situation Awareness: Theory and Application, Ashgate, January 2004. (Note: C. Garbis)

IPLab - 228
Henrik Artman, Comparative Analysis of Usability Design in E-service procurment. In Proceedings of Ecommerce, January 2004. (Note: E. Markensten)

IPLab - 227
Henrik Artman, Procuring Usable Systems Using Unemployed Personas. In Proceedings of NORDICHI'04, January 2004. (Note: E. Markensten)

IPLab - 226
Henrik Artman, Learning Conceptual Design: Collaborative Activities with Electronic Whiteboards. In Proceedings of CADE04 - Computers in Art and Design Education., Copenhagen, January 2004. (Note: H. Sundholm, R. Ramberg)

IPLab - 225
Henrik Artman, Backdoor Creativity – Technological support and Collaborative Creativity.. In F.Darses, Zarate, P., Zackland, M. (Eds.), Proceedings of Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems (COOP´04)., January 2004. (Note: Sundholm, H., Ramberg, R)

IPLab - 224
Henrik Artman, A tentative model for Usability Procurement. In J. Jacko and C. Stephanidi, Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction International, January 2003. (Note: Stefan Holmlid)

IPLab - 223
Henrik Artman, Procurer Usability Requirements: Negotiations in contract development. In Proceedings of NORDICHI 02, 61–70, January 2002.

IPLab - 222
Henrik Artman, Information Awareness in Command and Control: Precision, Quality, Utility. In Proceedings of Third International Conference on Information Fusion, January 2000. (Note: S. Arnborg, H. Artman, J. Brynielsson, K. Wallenius)

IPLab - 221
Henrik Artman, Technology in Crisis Management Systems - ideas and effects. Document Design Journal of research and problem solving in organizational communication special issue Pragmatics in Crisis Vol 2, Issue 3, pp. 247-258., 2, 3, January 2001. 247-258..

IPLab - 220
Kristina Groth, On Knowing Who Knows - An Alternative Approach to Knowledge Management. Ph.D. thesis, TRITA-NA-0428, Royal Institute of Technology, December 2004.

IPLab - 219
Chiara Rossitto, The Writing Process and Writing Technology: a Pre-study for the Scribani Project. Technical report TRITA-NA-, NADA, March 2004.

IPLab - 218
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Henrry Rodriguez, Coherence and interactivity in text-based group discussions around Web documents. In Proceedings of the 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'37), January 2004.

IPLab - 217
Helge Hüttenrauch, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, To Help or Not To Help a Service Robot. In Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2003), Oct.31-Nov. 2, 2003, Millbrae, CA, USA., November 2003.

IPLab - 216
Anna Swartling, Construction of the child as a user. In Proceedings of Interaction Design and Children 2003, ACM Press, New York, USA, September 2003.

IPLab - 215
Anna Swartling, Metaforens innebörd och betydelse för användargränssnitt. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0309, NADA, September 2003.

IPLab - 214
Lars Kjelldahl, Bo Schenkman, Color interaction on computer displays - distance and shape effects. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0308, NADA, July 2003.

IPLab - 213
Helge Hüttenrauch, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Fetch-and-carry with CERO: observations from a long-term user study with a service robot. In Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, Roman'2002, 158 -163, September 2002.

IPLab - 212
Henrry Rodriguez, Designing, evaluating and exploring Web-based tools for collaborative annotation of documents. Ph.D. thesis, TRITA-NA-0312, Royal Institute of Technology, June 2003.

IPLab - 211
Olle Bälter, A longitudinal study of attitude changes in a medical service organization after an email introduction. Interacting with Computers, 14, 5, October 2002. 503-519.

IPLab - 210
Olle Bälter, Candy Sidner, Bifrost Inbox Organizer: Giving users control over the Inbox. In Bertelsen, Bødker & Kuutti, Proceedings of NordiCHI 2002, 111-118, ACM Press, January 2002.

IPLab - 209
Helge Hüttenrauch, Anders Green, Lars Oestreicher, Mikael Norman, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Involving Users in the Design of a Mobile Office Robot. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part C, January 2003.

IPLab - 208
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Anders Green, Helge Hüttenrauch, Social and collaborative aspects of interaction with a service robot. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Special Issue on Socially Interactive Robots, 42, 3-4, March 2003.

IPLab - 207
Rickard Domeij, Datorn som hjälp vid språkgranskningen. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0302, NADA, December 2002.

IPLab - 206
Amelie Hössjer, Former för dialog och beslut. Om växling mellan kommunikationsformer och bruk av media i redaktionellt tidningsarbete. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0301, NADA, November 2002.

IPLab - 205
Henrry Rodriguez, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Supporting individual views and mutual awareness in a collaborative writing task: the case of Col•laboració. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0214, NADA, October 2002.

IPLab - 204
Henrry Rodriguez, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Nils-Erik Gustafsson, Designing from inside: steps in the evolution of a collaborative system. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0213, NADA, October 2002.

IPLab - 203
Tessy Cerratto, Swedish as a Second Language and Computer Aided Language Learning: Overview of the research area.. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0206, NADA, January 2002. (Note: This report has ben written together with Lars Borin , University of Stockholm)

IPLab - 202
Tessy Cerratto, Henrry Rodriguez, Studies of Computer Supported Collaborative Writing. Implications for System Design. In M. Blay-Fornarino, A. Pinna-Dery, K. Schmidt and P. Zaraté, Proceedings of COOP´02- Cooperative Systems Design, 139- 154, IOS Press, Amsterdam, January 2002.

IPLab - 201
Hercules Dalianis, Evaluating a spelling support in a search engine. In Proceedings of NLDB 2002, Springer Verlag, June 2002.

IPLab - 200
Stina Hållsten, ”Texten måste ha en viss dialekt”. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0205, NADA, April 2002.

IPLab - 199
Anne Håkansson, A Usability Study for Investigating Different Knowledge Based System shells. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0208, NADA, March 2002.

IPLab - 198
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Olle Bälter, Tessy Cerratto, Kristina Groth, Hee-Cheol (Ezra) Kim, Ann Lantz, Maria Normark, Henrry Rodriguez, Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Knowledge Exchange, Communication and Context in Electronic Networks (KnowHow). Technical report TRITA-NA-P0207, NADA, March 2002.

IPLab - 197
Lars Kjelldahl, Bo Schenkman, Color interaction in CIE u*v* space on computer displays. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0124, NADA, December 2001.

IPLab - 196
Kristina Groth, John Bowers, On finding things out: Situating organisational knowledge in CSCW. In Proceedings of ECSCW 2001, Kluwer Academic Publishers, January 2001.

IPLab - 195
Martin Hassel, Internet as Corpus Automatic Construction of a Swedish News Corpus. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0117, NADA, August 2001.

IPLab - 194
Johan Carlberger, Hercules Dalianis, Martin Hassel, Ola Knutsson, Improving Precision in Information Retrieval for Swedish using Stemming. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0116, NADA, August 2001.

IPLab - 193
Anders Green, C-Roids: Life-like Characters for Situated Natural Language User Interfaces. In Proceedings of Ro-Man'01 (10th IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Communication), 140-145, Bordeaux-Paris, September 2001.

IPLab - 192
Anders Green, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Task-oriented Dialogue for CERO: a User-centered Approach. In Proceedings of Ro-Man'01 (10th IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Communication), 146-151, Bordeaux-Paris, September 2001.

IPLab - 191
Maria Luisa Garcia, Sensing the presence of others in a work environment. Design and implementation of an awareness system: SIBO (Sign-in Board Online). Master's thesis, , Royal Institute of Technology, August 2001.

IPLab - 190
Carlos De Frutos, Supporting Awareness with an electronic sign-in board (SIBO)User Study and Experience. Master's thesis, , Royal Institute of Technology, August 2001.

IPLab - 189
Hercules Dalianis, Erik Åström, SweNam-A Swedish Named Entity recognizer. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0113, NADA, July 2001.

IPLab - 188
Hercules Dalianis, Martin Hassel, Development of a Swedish Corpus for Evaluating Summarizers and other. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0112, NADA, July 2001.

IPLab - 187
Olle Bälter, Införande av e-post i en sjukvårdsorganisation - en longitudinell studie av fem vårdcentraler. Technical report TRITA-NA-, NADA, January 2001.

IPLab - 186
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Erik Espmark, Anders Green, Helge Hüttenrauch, Mikael Norman, Lars Oestreicher, Användaranpassad utformning av en "fetch-and-carry"-robot för funktionshindrade i arbetslivet. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0110, NADA, May 2001.

IPLab - 185
Henrry Rodriguez, Using the WWW as infrastructure for collaborative production of documents. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-NA-0117, Royal Institute of Technology, May 2001.

IPLab - 184
Py Kollberg, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Studying writers' revising patterns with S-notation analysis. In T. Olive and C.M. Levy, Contemporary tools and techniques for studying writing, Kluwer Academic Publishers, January 2001.

IPLab - 183
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Anders Hedman, Exploring Communicative Modes for a Virtual Environment: A Social Psychological Analysis. Technical report TRITA-NA-0107, NADA, March 2001.

IPLab - 182
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Kristina Groth, Anders Hedman, Ann Lantz, Henrry Rodriguez, Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, The World Wide Web as a social infrastructure for knowledge-oriented work. In H. van Oostendorp, Cognition in a digital world, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, January 2001. (Note: To appear)

IPLab - 181
Kai-Mikael Jää-Aro, An overview of virtual environment hardware and software. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0105, NADA, March 2001.

IPLab - 180
Ola Knutsson, Automatisk språkgranskning av svensk text. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-NA-0105, Royal Institute of Technology, February 2001.

IPLab - 179
Olle Bälter, Bifrost Inbox Organizer: Giving users control over the inbox. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0101, NADA, January 2001.

IPLab - 178
Tessy Cerratto, Collaborative learning in synchronous text-based environments. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0104, NADA, January 2001. (Note: A reviewed version is published in M Beißwenger (ed.) Chat-Kommunikation. Sprache, Interaktion, Sozialität & Identität in synchroner computervermittelter kommunikation. Ibidem. Verlag. Stuttgart. pp. 494-514. 2001)

IPLab - 177
Hee-Cheol (Ezra) Kim, On-Line Reviewing with Change Representation Tools. In Proceedings of NordiCHI'2000, STIMDI, October 2000.

IPLab - 176
Kristina Groth, A Case Study of Knowledge Sharing (part one). Technical report TRITA-NA-P0016, NADA, December 2000.

IPLab - 175
Olle Bälter, Give the Boss a Break from Email: Managers and their Communication. In J Gulliksen, A Lantz, L Oestericher, K Severinson-Eklundh, Proceedings of NordiCHI 2000, STIMDI, October 2000.

IPLab - 174
Hercules Dalianis, SweSum - A Text Summarizer for Swedish. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0015, NADA, October 2000.

IPLab - 173
Anders Green, Helge Hüttenrauch, Lars Oestreicher, Mikael Norman, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, User Centered Design for Intelligent Service Robots. In Proceedings of Ro-Man'2000 (9th IEEE International Workshop onRobot and Human Interaction), Osaka. Japan, September 2000.

IPLab - 172
Ann Fatton, Design and Evaluation of Page-Based Writing Environment. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-NA-0017, Royal Institute of Technology, October 2000.

IPLab - 171
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Distributed Collaboration & Multimodal Environments. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0011, NADA, August 2000.

IPLab - 170
Hee-Cheol (Ezra) Kim, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Change Representation in Collaborative Writing. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0005, NADA, January 2000.

IPLab - 169
Bo Schenkman, Perceived Similarities and Preferences for IT Products. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0003, NADA, February 2000.

IPLab - 168
Olle Bälter, How to Replace an Old Email System With a New Interacting with Computers, 12, January 2000. 601-614. (Note: Available from the department)

IPLab - 167
Olle Bälter, Keystroke Level Analysis of Email Message Organization. In Proceedings of CHI 2000, 105-112, January 2000. (Note: Via ACM digital library)

IPLab - 166
Ann Fatton, A Longitudinal, Naturalistic, Single-Case Study of Writing In a Page Based Word Processor. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0002, NADA, January 2000.

IPLab - 165
Ann Lantz, Meetings in Distributed Group of Experts Comparing Face-to-Face, Chat and Collaborative Virtual Environments. Technical report TRITA-NA-P0001, NADA, January 2000.

IPLab - 164
Maria Bonde, Kunskapsöverföring och kompetensutveckling i en distribuerad expertgrupp med hjälp av intranät. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9915, NADA, December 1999.

IPLab - 163
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn, Calle Sjöström, Supporting Presence in Collaborative Multimodal Environments by Haptic Force Feedback. Technical report NADA, December 1999.

IPLab - 162
Jonas Boquist, Dokument för samarbete: En fallstudie av datoranvändningen i tre organisationer. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9912, NADA, November 1999.

IPLab - 161
Gudrun Balsvik, Electronic Networks and Knowledge Creation A study of new learning perspectives related to the context of a media profession. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9911, NADA, November 1999.

IPLab - 160
Ann Lantz, Use of email: Does it change over time?. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9905, NADA, August 1999.

IPLab - 159
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Py Kollberg, Emerging discourse structure: Computer-assisted episode analysis as a window to global revision in university students' writing. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9904, NADA, May 1999. (Note: Published in Journal of Pragmatics, 35:6, 2003)

IPLab - 158
Ann Lantz, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Kommunikation och kompetensutveckling via elektroniska nätverk: en förstudie. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9903, NADA, April 1999.

IPLab - 157
Ulf Berggren, Pappersmodellen som utgångspunkt för utformning av skrivsamarbetsverktyg. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-NA-9903, Royal Institute of Technology, March 1999.

IPLab - 156
Kristina Groth, Knowledge Net—A Support for Sharing Knowledge within an Organisation. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-NA-9902, Royal Institute of Technology, March 1999.

IPLab - 155
Olle Bälter, Electronic Mail in a Working Context. Doctoral thesis, TRITA-NA-9820, Royal Institute of Technology, October 1998. (Note: Version 2 with correction of some grammatical errors)

IPLab - 154
Zayera Khan, Attitudes towards intelligent service robots. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9821, NADA, January 1998.

IPLab - 153
Staffan Romberger, Presentation och överblick vid läsning och författande med papper och datorstöd. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-NA-9819, Royal Institute of Technology, October 1998.

IPLab - 152
Rickard Domeij, Kjell Krona, www.språ - Förstudie över upprättande av en virtuell mötesplats för språkteknologi. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9816, NADA, May 1998.

IPLab - 151
Hee-Cheol (Ezra) Kim, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, How Academics Co-ordinate their Documentation Work and Communicate about Reviewing in Collaborative Writing. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9815, NADA, August 1998.

IPLab - 150
Stefan Larsson, Interaktivitet och användbarhet vid datorstödd språkgranskning och redigering i en integrerad skrivmiljö. Technical report TRITA-NA-E9833, NADA, June 1998.

IPLab - 149
Staffan Romberger, Överblick och överblicksproblem vid läsning och författande med papper och datorstöd. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9813, NADA, June 1998.

IPLab - 148
Ingvar Isendor, Mänsklig interaktion med autonom servicerobot. Technical report TRITA-NA-E98-41, NADA, June 1998.

IPLab - 147
Annika Hansen-Eriksson, Paper - ett program för skrivande baserat på pappersmodellen. Technical report TRITA-NA-E9838, NADA, June 1998.

IPLab - 146
Rickard Domeij, Ola Knutsson, Stefan Larsson, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Åsa Rex, Granskaprojektet 1996-1997. Technical report NADA, June 1998.

IPLab - 145
Py Kollberg, S-notation - a computer-based method for studying and representing text composition. Licentiate thesis, TRITA-NA-P9808, Royal Institute of Technology, May 1998.

IPLab - 144
Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, To Quote or not to Quote: Setting the Context for Computer-Mediated Dialogues. In Susan Herring, Computer-mediated conversation, (Note: To appear)

IPLab - 143
Eva Pålson, Revision strategies in young foreign language writing. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9802, NADA, January 1998.

IPLab - 142
Ulf Berggren, Utformning av skrivsamarbetsverktyg ur ett användarperspektiv. In STIMDI '97, 57-62, January 1997.

IPLab - 141
Ulf Berggren, Design of co-writing tools from a user perspective. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9801, NADA, January 1998.

IPLab - 140
Kristina Groth, Personal Home Pages on the World Wide Web - a SimpleVersion of a Knowledge Net?. Trends of Communication, 4, January 1998. 47-59.

IPLab - 139
Kristina Groth, Ann Lantz, Personliga hemsidor - funktion eller passion?. In Användbarhet i morgon - funktion eller passion, 29-34, STIMDI, Linköping, September 1997.

IPLab - 138
Björn Eiderbäck, Jiarong Li, Undertaker. In Buschman, F. and Riehle, D, Proceedings of the 1997 European Pattern Languages of Programming Conference, 45-58, Irsee, Germany, January 1997. (Note: Siemens Technical Report 120/SW1/FB)

IPLab - 137
Björn Eiderbäck, Design Patterns for Incorporation of Distribution Mechanisms utilising an Object Oriented Environment. Technical report TRITA-NA-, NADA, January 1996.

IPLab - 136
Björn Eiderbäck, Jiarong Li, Groups of Connected Objects. In Proceedings of the 1997 Conference on Languages and Models with Objects, January 1997.

IPLab - 135
Björn Eiderbäck, Jiarong Li, A Common Notification Service. Technical report TRITA-NA-P9715, NADA, January 1997.

IPLab - 134
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IPLab - 133
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