Publications from the HCI group

This is a list of publications from the Human-Computer Interaction group at KTH 2005-2011.

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HCI - 97

Olle Bälter, Moa Söderhielm, Elinor Fondel, Katarina Bälter, Feedback as Incentive to Increase Compliance. Technical report TRITA-NA-, NADA, June 2011.
HCI - 96
Oscar Frykholm, Kristina Groth, References to personal experiences and scientific evidence during medical multi-disciplinary team meetings. Behaviour & Information Technology, 30:4, May 2011. 455-466. (Note: Special Issue: Medical Team Meetings: Utilising Technology to Enhance Communication, Collaboration and Decision-Making)

HCI - 95
Jonas Moll, Yingying Huang, Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Audio makes a difference in haptic collaborative virtual environments Interacting with Computers, 22(6), June 2010. 544-555.

HCI - 94
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Haptic Feedback Increases Perceived Social Presence. In Proceedings of EuroHaptics conference, 178-185, Springer, July 2010.

HCI - 93
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Will haptic feedback speed up medical imaging? An application to radiation treatment planning Journal of Acta Oncologica, 47(1), January 2008. 32-37. (Note: Authors: Anderlind, E., Noz, M.E, Sallnäs, E-L., Bengt K. Lind, B.K., & Maguire jr G.Q.)

HCI - 91
Minna Räsänen, Meeting at a distance: Experiences of media companies in Sweden Journal of Technology in Society – an International Journal, Volume 32, Issue 4,, November 2009. 264-273. (Note: tillsammans med Moberg Å., Picha M., Borggren C)

HCI - 90
Greger Henriksson, Minna Räsänen, ICT:s substituting travel?. In Anette Hallin and Tina Karrbom-Gustavsson (Eds.), IGI Global, January 2009.

HCI - 89
Cristian Bogdan, Anders Green, Helge Hüttenrauch, Minna Räsänen, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Cooperative Design of a Robotic Shopping Trolley. In May 2009.

HCI - 88
Kristina Groth, Oscar Frykholm, Alexander Arvei Yngling, Clinical Journal: A Collaborative Shared Medical Workspace. In Proceedings of CSCW'11, (Note: Interactive Poster)

HCI - 87
Ann Lantz, Interaction design practice. In P. Forbring and A. Mark-Pejtersen, Proceedings of HCIS 2010, IFIP AICT 332, 277-280,

HCI - 86
Ann Lantz, Stefan Holmlid, Interaction design in procurement: The view of procurers and interaction designers Co-Design, 6:1, 43-57.

HCI - 85
Anna Swartling, Strävan efter att rationalisera människan: en analys av arkitekturbaserat kravställningsarbete inom Försvarsmakten i relation till hantering av human- och organisationsfrågor. Technical report NADA, April 2009.

HCI - 84
Elinor Fondel, Ylva Trolle Lagerros, Carl Johan Sundberg, Mats Lekander, Olle Bälter, Ken Rothman, Katarina Bälter, . Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, February 2011.

HCI - 83
Olle Bälter, Duane Bailey, Enjoying Python, Processing, and Java in CS1 Inroads, December 2010.

HCI - 82
Elinor Fondel, Sara Christensen, Olle Bälter, Katarina Bälter, Adherence to the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations as a measure of a healthy diet and upper respiratory tract infection. Public Health Nutrition, 21, September 2010.

HCI - 81
Olle Bälter, Ideas for Engineering Education Inspired by Liberal Arts Colleges, Part One.. In Den 2:a Utvecklingskonferensen för Sveriges ingenjörsutbildningar, December 2009.

HCI - 80
Olle Bälter, Diagnostic Web-based Monitoring in CS1. In Arnold Pears and Carsten Schulte, Proceedings of the 9th Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research, November 2010.

HCI - 79
Oscar Frykholm, Ann Lantz, Kristina Groth, Åke Walldius, Medicine Meets Engineering in Cooperative Design of Collaborative Decision-supportive System. In Proceedings of CBMS 2010, October 2010.

HCI - 78
Oscar Frykholm, Kristina Groth, Shared visualization of patient information. Technical report NADA, April 2010. (Note: Position paper, Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH), in conjunction with CHI2010)

HCI - 77
Kristina Groth, High Definition Videoconferencing: The Future of Collaboration in Healthcare and Education. In Cunningham, P. & Cunningham, M., Proceedings of eChallenges, IIMC International Information Management Corporation Ltd, October 2009. (Note: Authors: Alcober, J., Cabrera, G., Calvo, X., Eliasson, E., Groth, K. & Pawalowski, P.)

HCI - 76
Yingying Huang, Exploration on Interface Usability in a Haptic 3D Virtual Labyrinth for Visually Impaired Users. In Proceedings of IADIS International Conference, Interface and HCI, Algarve, Portugal, June 2009.

HCI - 75
Yingying Huang, Design collaborative multimodal interface for sighted and visually impaired people. In Doctorial Consortium of ECSCW 2007, Limerick, Ireland., September 2007.

HCI - 74
Yingying Huang, Jonas Moll, Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Yngve Sundblad, Integrating Audio and Haptic Feedback in a Collaborative Virtual Environment. In Proceedings of HCI International 2007, Beijing, July 2007.

HCI - 73
Oscar Frykholm, Kristina Groth, The “clinical information workspace”: Supporting collaborative medical team work. Technical report NADA, August 2009. (Note: Position paper, Workshop on Team meetings within clinical domains, INTERACT 2009)

HCI - 72
Helge Hüttenrauch, Elin Anna Topp, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, The Art of Gate-Crashing: Bringing HRI into users' homes. Interaction Studies, 10:3, December 2009. 274-297.

HCI - 71
Åke Walldius, Ann Lantz, Exploring the use of pattern maps in the design of technical support for clinical team meetings. Technical report NADA, December 2009.

HCI - 70
Lars Bengtsson, Ove Ivarsen, Torbjörn Lind, Nils-Göran Olve, Bengt Sandblad, Yngve Sundblad, Åke Walldius, Nya initiativ för användbarhetsarbetet – en pejling av behovet hos UsersAwards olika interessentgrupper. Technical report TRITA-CSC-MDI 2009:1, NADA, December 2009.

HCI - 69
Chiara Rossitto, Cristian Bogdan, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, The Nomad Project: IT Support for Students as Nomadic Workers and Group Learners. In Proceedings of Resultatdialog 2009, 2, 152-156, CM-Gruppen AB, Bromma, Sweden, September 2009.

HCI - 68
Sinna Lindquist, Bo Westerlund, Yngve Sundblad, Reality based video prototypes. Technical report HCI / CSC, December 2006.

HCI - 67
Kristina Groth, Oscar Frykholm, Efficiency in Treatment Discussions: A Field Study of Time Related Aspects in Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings. In Proceedings of CBMS, IEEE, USA, August 2009. (Note: further co-authors: Ralf Segersvärd, Bengt Isaksson, Johan Permert)

HCI - 66
Henrik Artman, Stefan Holmlid, Ann Lantz, Sinna Lindquist, Anna Swartling, Ulrika Dovhammar, Acquisition of usable IT: Acquisition projects to reflect on. In June 2009.

HCI - 65
Ann Lantz, Computing systems for Human Benefits from the 8th International Conference on Work With Computing Systems.. In A. Toomingas, A. Lantz and T. Berns, Proceedings of of Work With Computing Systems 2007., Stockholm, January 2007.

HCI - 64
Ann Lantz, Stefan Holmlid, The dynamics of objects in client-designer communication. In Proceedings of The international conference Virtual 2007: Interaction., January 2007. (Note: Per Söker is the first author followed by Holmlid, S., Tholander, J and Lantz, A.)

HCI - 63
Ann Lantz, Special Issue, International Journal of Behaviour and Technology International Journal of Behaviour and Technology, January 2008. (Note: Editors T. Berns, A. Lantz, A. Toomingas)

HCI - 63
Ann Lantz, Special Issue on Work With Computing Systems 2007, Stockholm.

HCI - 62
Maryam Mahani, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, A survey on the relation of the task assistance of a robot to its social role. Technical report NADA, April 2009. (Note: Presented at the 24th Annual Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference, 2009)

HCI - 61
Forsslund, J., Sallnäs, E-L. and Palmerius, K.J. A User Centered Designed FOSS Implementation of Bone Surgery Simulations. In Proceedings of World Haptics'09, Salt Lake City, USA, March 2009. (Note: Demonstrator)

HCI - 60
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Haptic Force Feedback in Mediated Interaction. In Jää-Aro, K-M, and Kjelldahl, L. (Eds.), Proceedings of SIGRAD, 11-14, Linköping University Electronic Press, November 2008.

HCI - 59
Tanhua-Piiroinen, E., Pasto, V., Raisamo, R. and Sallnäs, E- L. Supporting Collaboration between Visually Impaired and Sighted Children in a Multimodal Learning Environment. In Proceedings of HAID, 11-20, LNCS 5270, Springer, September 2008.

HCI - 58
Åke Walldius, Torbjörn Lind, Yngve Sundblad, Bengt Sandblad, Lars Bengtsson, A user-driven workplace software certification process. Technical report TRITA-CSC-MDI 2007:1, CSC-MDI, June 2007. (Note: ISSN 1653-5685, ISRN-KTH/CSC/MDI--07/1--SE)

HCI - 57
Kristina Groth, Understanding needs and requirements in applications for identifying clinically relevant similarities between patients with liver related diseases. In Proceedings of HealthInf, Porto, Portugal, January 2009. (Note: Christina Engström is first author of this paper)

HCI - 56
Paolo Davoli, Matteo Monari, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Peer activities on Web-learning platforms - Impact on collaborative writing and usability issues. Education and Information Technologies, 14:3, September 2009. 229-254.

HCI - 55
Chiara Rossitto, Managing Work at Several Places: Understanding Nomadic Practices in Student Groups. Doctoral thesis, TRITA-CSC-A 2008:19, School of Computer Science and Communication, January 2009.

HCI - 54
Sinna Lindquist, Rósa Guðjónsdóttir, Bo Westerlund, Kristina Groth, Yngve Sundblad, Cristian Bogdan, Design methods and work process: From Field studies to design guidelines. Technical report NEPOMUK D1.4, CSC, KTH, February 2008.

HCI - 53
Minna Räsänen, James M. Nyce, Rewriting Context and Analysis: Bringing Anthropology into HCI Research. In Shane Pinder, 397-414, InTech Education and Publishing, October 2008.

HCI - 52
Kristina Groth, Kemal Olin, Ola Gran, Johan Permert, The role of technology in video-mediated consensus meetings Journal of telemedicine and e-health, 14 (7), October 2008.

HCI - 51
Stefan Holmlid, Ann Lantz, Henrik Artman, Design management of interaction design. In Proceedings of the fourth art of management and organization conference. The Banff Centre, Albert, Canada 9-12 September 2008,, September 2008.

HCI - 50
Amelie Hössjer, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Making space for a new medium: On the use of electronic mail in a newspaper newsroom. Computer-supported cooperative work, 18:1, February 2009. 1-46.

HCI - 49
Rósa Guðjónsdóttir, Sinna Lindquist, Personas and scenarios: Design tool or a communication device?. In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems, 165-176, May 2008.

HCI - 48
Ann Lantz, Learning environments for interaction design. Technical report TRITA-CSC-MDI 2008:1, CSC, January 2008.

HCI - 47
Hedvig Kjellström (formerly Sidenbladh), Olov Engwall, Sherif Abdou, Olle Bälter, Audio-visual phoneme classification for pronunciation training applications. In Proceedings of Interspeech, Antwerp, Belgium, August 2007.

HCI - 46
Olov Engwall, Olle Bälter, Pronunciation feedback from real and virtual language teachers. Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning, 20(3), July 2007. 235-262.

HCI - 45
Anderlind, E., Noz, M.E, Sallnäs, E-L., Bengt K. Lind, B.K., and Maguire jr G.Q. Will haptic feedback speed up medical imaging? An application to radiation treatment planning. Acta Oncologica, 47(1), January 2008. 32 - 37.

HCI - 44
Sinna Lindquist, Perspectives on Cooperative Design. Doctoral thesis, TRITA-NA-CSC-A, ISSN 1653-5723 ; 2007:13, Royal Institute of Technology, October 2007.

HCI - 43
Åke Walldius, Yngve Sundblad, Proceedings of the UITQ Workshop 2007. Technical report TRITA-CSC-MDI 2007:2, CSC, December 2007. (Note: ISBN 978-91-7178-951-8)

HCI - 42
Minna Räsänen, Om möten i Distansen – uppfattningar om möten på distans mellan arbetssökande och handläggare. Technical report CSC, August 2006.

HCI - 41
Cristian Bogdan, John Bowers, Tuning In: Challenging Design for Communities through a Field Study of Radio Amateurs. In Steinfeld, C., Pentland, B. T., Ackerman, M., Contractor, N., Proceedings of the Thrid Communities and Technologies Conference, Michigan State University, 2007, 439-461, Springer, June 2007.

HCI - 40
Kristina Groth, Cristian Bogdan, Sinna Lindquist, Yngve Sundblad, Simple and playful interaction for informal communication and learning Int. J. Knowledge and Learning, 3, no. 2/3, October 2007. 191-208.

HCI - 39
Anders Green, The need for contact and perception feedback to support natural interactivity in human-robot communication. In Proceedings of IEEE 16th International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2007), 552-557, Jeju, Korea, August 2007.

HCI - 38
Anders Green, Characterising dimensions of use for designing adaptive dialogues for human-robot communication. In Proceedings of Proceedings of IEEE 16th International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2007), 1078-1083, Jeju, Korea, August 2007.

HCI - 37
Bo Westerlund, Sinna Lindquist, Phoning a deaf person,. In in Designing with Video, Focusing the User-centred Design Process, by Ylirisku, Salu and Buur, Jacob, 149-155, Springer-Verlag, London, September 2007. (Note: The book is complemented by video excerpts on a DVD showing real, first-hand case studies both in academic and industrial contexts.)

HCI - 36
Sinna Lindquist, Bo Westerlund, Yngve Sundblad, Helena Tobiasson, Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, Wendy Mackay, Co-designing Communication Technology with and for Families – Methods, Experience, Results and Impact. In Streitz, Kameas, Mavrommati, 4500, 99-119, Springer, Heidelberg, May 2007. (Note: The Disappearing Computer: Interaction Design, System Infrastructures and Applications for Smart Environments)

HCI - 35
Chiara Rossitto, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Managing work at several places: a case of project work in a nomadic group of students. In Proceedings of ECCE 2007, the European Conference of Cognitive Ergonomics, August 2007.

HCI - 34
Chiara Rossitto, Cristian Bogdan, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Designing for "nomadic" student group work. In Toomingas., A., Lantz A., Berns T., Proceedings of Working with Computing Systems 2007, 110-114, US-AB, Stockholm, May 2007.

HCI - 33
Bo Westerlund, A Workshop Method that Involves Users Talking, Doing and Making. In Sari, Zaki, Proceedings of International Conference on Human-Machine Interaction, Human07, 98-102, IEEE France Section, March 2007. (Note:

HCI - 32
Helge Hüttenrauch, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Anders Green, Elin Anna Topp, Henrik Christensen, What's in the gap? Interaction transitions that make HRI work. In Proceedings of the 15th IEEE international symposium on robot and human interactive communication (RO-MAN 2006), Hatfield, UK, September 2006.

HCI - 31
Helge Hüttenrauch, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Anders Green, Elin Anna Topp, Investigating spatial relationships in human-robot interaction. In Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ international conference on intelligent robots and systems (IROS 2006), Beijing, China, October 2006.

HCI - 30
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Jonas Moll, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Group work about geometrical concepts among blind and sighted pupils using haptic interfaces. In Proceedings of the Second Joint Eurohaptics Conference and Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environments and Teleoperator Systems (World Haptics 2007), Tsukuba, Japan, March 2007.

HCI - 29
Koen Crommentuijn, Designing an auditory display to facilitate object acquisition in a haptic virtual 3D environment. Technical report TRITA-CSC-MDI 2006:2, ISSN 1653-5685, ISRN-KTH/CSC/MDI--06/2--SE, CSC, November 2006.

HCI - 28
Bo Westerlund, How can stories get translated into future artefacts?. In Ken Friedman. Terence Love, Eduardo Côrte-Real and Chris Rust, Proceedings of Wonderground, CEIADE – Centro Editorial do IADE, on behalf of DRS, Design Research Society, Lisbon, November 2006. (Note: Publication no 160,

HCI - 27
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Jonas Moll, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Haptic interface for collaborative learning among sighted and visually impaired pupils in primary school. In Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Enactive Interfaces (Enactive'2006), September 2006.

HCI - 26
Jonas Moll, Utveckling och utvärdering av programvara till stöd för lärande under samarbete mellan seende och synskadade elever i grundskolan. Technical report TRITA-CSC-E 2006:079, June 2006.

HCI - 25
Anders Green, Helge Hüttenrauch, Elin Anna Topp, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Developing a contextualized multimodal corpus for human–robot interaction. In Proceedings of the fifth international conference on language resources and evaluation (LREC2006), Genova, May 2006.

HCI - 24
Anders Green, Helge Hüttenrauch, Making a case for spatial prompting in human–robot communication. In Proceedings of the fifth international conference on language resources and evaluation (LREC2006), Genova, workshop: Multimodal corpora: from multimodal behaviour theories to usable models, May 2006.

HCI - 23
Anders Green, Helge Hüttenrauch, Elin Anna Topp, Measuring up as an intelligent robot—on the use of high-fidelity simulations for human–robot interaction research. In Proceedings of PerMIS '06 performance metrics for intelligent systems workshop, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, August 2006.

HCI - 22
Anders Green, Britta Wrede, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Shuyin Li, Integrating miscommunication analysis in natural language interface design for a service robot. In Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE/RSJ, International conference on intelligent robots and systems, October 9–15, Beijing, China, 4678–4683, IEEE, October 2006.

HCI - 21
Christer Garbis, Henrik Artman, Team situation awareness as communicative practice. In S Banbury och S Tremblay (eds.): A cognitive approach to situation awareness: theory and application, chapter 14, Ashgate & Town, London, UK, January 2006.

HCI - 20
Henrik Artman, Susanne Zällh, Finding a way to usability: procurement of a taxi dispatch system. Cognition, technology and work, 7(3), January 2005. 141–155.

HCI - 19
Mattias Arvola, Henrik Artman, Interaktion walkthroughs and improvised role play. Technical report CSC, October 2006.

HCI - 18
Olov Engwall, Olle Bälter, Anne-Marie Öster, Hedvig Kjellström (formerly Sidenbladh), Designing the human-machine interface of the computer-based speech training system ARTUR based on early user tests. Behaviour and Information Technology, 25(4), September 2006. 353-365.

HCI - 17
Hedvig Kjellström (formerly Sidenbladh), Olov Engwall, Olle Bälter, Reconstructing tongue movements from audio and video. In Proceedings of International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, 2238-2241, September 2006.

HCI - 16
Olov Engwall, Olle Bälter, Anne-Marie Öster, Hedvig Kjellström (formerly Sidenbladh), Feedback management in the pronunciation system ARTUR. In Proceedings of ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (extended abstracts), 231-234, April 2006.

HCI - 15
Yngve Sundblad, Åke Walldius, Proceedings of the UITQ Workshop 2005. Technical report TRITA-CSC-MDI 2006:1, ISSN 1653-5685, ISRN-KTH/CSC/MDI--06/1--SE, CID/NADA and HCI/CSC, December 2006.

HCI - 14
Ann Lantz, Minna Räsänen, Per-Anders Forstorp, Co-operative design projects. In J. Bornebuch and Patrik Hernwall, No.1:2006, Vol.1, 30-41, M3, Södertörns högskola, Tallin:Printon Trükikoda AS, January 2006.

HCI - 13
Stefan Holmlid, Ann Lantz, Developing e-services in a government authority: different views on design in procurement and system development. In Authors are Holmlid, Stefan and Lantz, Ann, Proceedings of NordiCHI'06, October 2006.

HCI - 12
Tessy Cerratto, Ann Lantz, Sketching, representations and artifacts. In Proceedings of CHI'06, ACM Press, April 2006.

HCI - 11
Minna Räsänen, Islands of Togetherness: Rewriting Context Analysis. Doctoral thesis, TRITA-CSC-A 2006: 29, Royal Institute of Technology, School of Computer Science and Technology, January 2007.

HCI - 10
Minna Räsänen, James M. Nyce, A new role for anthropology? – Rewriting “context” and “analysis” in HCI research. In Proceedings of the 4th Nordic conference on Human-computer interaction: changing roles, 189, 175 - 184, ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, October 2006.

HCI - 9
Kristina Groth, Cristian Bogdan, Ovidiu Sandor, Sinna Lindquist, Minna Räsänen, Yngve Sundblad, CoPLand—Supporting knowledge sharing and informal learning in three different groups of teachers. Technical report CSC, December 2006.

HCI - 8
Kristina Groth, Pär Lannerö, Context Browser: Ontology Based Navigation in Information Spaces. In Proceedings of IIiX, ACM, Denmark, October 2006.

HCI - 7
Kristina Groth, Sinna Lindquist, Cristian Bogdan, Tobias Lidskog, Yngve Sundblad, Ovidiu Sandor, Saxaren – Strengthening Informal Collaboration among Geographically Distributed Teachers. In Proceedings of OzCHI, ACM, Australia, November 2006.

HCI - 6
Koen Crommentuijn, Fredrik Winberg, Designing Auditory Displays to Facilitate Object Localization in Virtual Haptic 3D Environments. In Proceedings of ASSETS 2006, October 2006.

HCI - 5
Bo Westerlund, Design of Communication Interfaces Together with Family Members in interLiving. i-com, Zeitschrift für interaktive und kooperative Medien, Volume 5 | 1/2006, January 2006. 54-58. (Note: Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag

HCI - 4
Fredrik Winberg, Supporting cross-modal collaboration: Adding a social dimension to accessibility. In McGookin, D. & Brewster, S., Proceedings of HAID 2006, First International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design, 4129, 102-110, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Glasgow, UK, August 2006.

HCI - 3
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs Pysander, Kajsa Bjerstedt-Blom, Fredrik Winberg, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, Navigation and control in haptic applications shared by blind and sighted users. In McGookin, D. & Brewster, S., Proceedings of HAID 2006, First International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design, 4129, 68-80, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Glasgow, UK, August 2006.

HCI - 2
Amelie Hössjer (formerly Oestreicher), Externa brev och intern vardagskommunikation. Technical report NADA, March 2006.

HCI - 1
Cristian Bogdan, Chiara Rossitto, Maria Normark, Pedro Adler Jorge, Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, On a mission without a home base: conceptualizing nomadicity in student group work. In Hassanaly P., Herrmann T., Kunau G., Zacklad M., Proceedings of the COOP 2006, 137, 23-38, IOS Press, The Netherlands, May 2006.

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